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Our Client, a long established national plant hire company, first approached us after having received a recommendation about our services from a fellow competitor!

Our client had accumulated a plethora of outstanding debts and needed assistance. They had experienced poor recovery levels with their previous firm at excessive cost. Our client also recognised that their in- house credit control and credit management department needed a thorough overall.

We reviewed our client’s Terms and Conditions, discussed issues they had experienced and made appropriate alterations to safeguard future business and then set about recovering the outstanding debts.

We recovered the vast majority of the debt ledger within days and at no cost to our client using our unique cost free litigation product, at the same time, we also reviewed their credit control management system and recommended changes.

There were a number of other outstanding disputed debts which were referred to our litigation department and these were successfully recovered on a no win, no fee basis for our client.

Our Client, an international non ferrous and ferrous metal merchant, had unfortunately overlooked several significant outstanding debts which had become contentious by the time we were instructed.

Whilst working on one existing litigious matter for the company, the magnitude of their outstanding debt ledger came to our attention.

We took over our clients debt ledger and delighted our client by recovering 100% of the outstanding ledger and at no charge to the client. Again we addressed the Terms and Conditions and tweaked the contracts and terms where necessary.

Our client now refers all outstanding debts to us on a continuing basis.

We were engaged by a newly established firm of accountants to advise their clients with debt ledgers.

We reviewed various of their client’s Terms and Conditions, where appropriate offered advice on their accessing our Credit Reporting with ongoing instructions to review.

Our client an online legal marketing company had accumulated numerous bad debts.

Although our client was, in theory, adept in recovering their own debts and had comprehensive credit control procedures in place, they worried that if they pursued debts more aggressively they may alienate or estrange their clients from the legal profession and therefore were reluctant to take a firmer stance than that which they had already adopted.

We sat down with our client, listened to their requirements and discussed with them the options of recovery they had available and advised on the best course of recovery for their particular business and clients. We agreed a strategy and after the first few debts had been recovered with their working relationships still in tact – they then trusted us to complete their ledger. Although their debts are infrequent, due to their excellent credit control management system, they do instruct us on the more complicated matters.