Judgments and Enforcement

Judgment and Strategic Enforcement

Obtaining a County Court Judgment may not result in payment from your debtor. If the debtor still fails to pay then the next step is enforcement.

We can advise you on the most appropriate enforcement method for your particular debt.

What is a County Court Judgment?

A Judgment allows you to take enforcement action to recover your debt including all Statutory Interest, any Late Payment Compensation, Solicitors’ costs and the Court Fee claimed on the Claim Form.

Enforcing a County Court Judgment

Enforcing a County Court Judgment can be a frustrating and complex process. The normal procedure to follow is instructing the Enforcement officer to levy on possessions, but there are a variety of other enforcement procedures which can be pursued.  We have the in-depth expertise to advise you on the most appropriate, efficient and cost effective strategic enforcement method for your particular debt.

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