Defending Actions

Are you in legal trouble?

Commercial disputes are an all too familiar problem many businesses may experience.

We have the solution.

Litigation is our expertise

Commercial disputes are an all too familiar obstacle many businesses may experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you deal with any dispute you may find yourself involved with; if a business or an individual makes a claim against your business by issuing legal proceedings or serving a letter of demand or insolvency proceedings for an alleged debt, we can assist.

We offer practical and commercial solutions

Our expert defence litigation lawyers will assess your case and offer solutions that are practical and commercial. Often claims and disputes can be settled out of court by methods of alternative dispute resolution and so avoiding costly litigation. However, if this is not possible, our skilled litigation defence lawyers will defend any proceedings as well as cross-claim or any other action that is deemed appropriate for your case.

Our funding arrangements are flexible and tailored to your individual needs

In the event that the matter would be defended in court, we will advise on your prospects of success and likely costs of defending the action. We offer various funding arrangements from hourly rates to conditional fee agreements.

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