Debt Recovery & Dispute Resolution

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Disputes in your business can be time consuming, costly and stressful. They should be resolved quickly and proactively to minimise the impact on you and your business.

Debt Recovery

Our specialist dispute resolution lawyers have expertise in the full spectrum of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and regularly resolve disputes for SMEs and owner managed businesses through to larger PLCs. We will assess the case, inform you of your options and advise you of the best procedure that suits both the individual case and your needs where settlement control be initially achieved the options for alternative dispute resolution processes can be re-visited throughout any claim.

Advantages of using Dispute Resolution

The advantages of using dispute resolution as a preferred procedure and solution to litigation are numerous and are outlined below:

  • Quick and informal resolution of disputes, avoids stressful, time consuming litigation
  • Costs significantly less money than going to court
  • Parties have more flexibility to choose which options are best used in their particular case, control how their dispute can be resolved
  • A solution can be reached where the parties’ relationship stays intact to enable future business to be done
  • Preserve confidentiality and avoidance of publicity
  • If no agreement is reached, parties can pursue other options

There are always circumstances in which court litigation is preferable to Alternative Dispute Resolution. For example if one of the two parties is extremely uncooperative and belligerent in ignoring the weaknesses of their case or if there is a time limit involved in the legal claim. You can be rest assured that we will do our utmost to find workable, practical and commercial solution for your case.

If your business is in dispute and you need advice as to the preferred course of action of resolution, contact us using the form below or call 0161 832 5000 for confidential and free advice.

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As with all the steps in the Stripes legal recovery process, you will be in control of what happens next.  You can make those decisions and issue your instructions including any supporting documentation by using one of the following methods;

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